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Nutrition for your Dog

Nutrition is a very controversial subject with many breeders, owners and vets having different opinions on the optimum diet. The simplest advice for a new puppy owner is to stick to the breeder's recommended diet initially for the first few days whilst the pup settles down, and then if you wish to make a change, do so GRADUALLY by mixing in a new food with the old over a week or so. We would generally recommend a complete puppy food because this has been precisely formulated to meet all your pup's nutritional needs and is the safest bet.

There is no need to add any supplements and these can in fact be quite harmful. The ration should be divided into 4 small meals per day until 12 weeks of age. This can be reduced to 3 meals per day until 6 months, then two meals per day.

The packet instructions should give you a guide to the amount to start with, although this is sometimes over-generous. The amount of food needs to be tailored to the animal's weight as it grows. Dry food is generally thought to be better for the teeth and fresh water should always be available.

We recommend Royal Canin's vet care nutrition range of diets (Junior, Adult and Neutered Adult) specially formulated for small, medium and large breed types. It is a complete balanced food made with high quality ingredients and no unnecessary fillers.

Raw food diets despite their current surge in popularity do carry risks to you and your pet. This is because of the increased risk of the spread of Salmonella and Toxoplasmosis. Your dog will also be more at risk of tapeworm infestation if fed uncooked meat.

Ultimately, you as the main carer will see which foods suit you and your pet. However, if you are having difficulty finding an appropriate diet, please do get in touch. Vets and vet nurses do have a lot of experience and training in dog nutrition and we are here to help!


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