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Nutrition for Kittens

Nutrition is a very controversial subject with many breeders, owners and vets having different opinions on the optimum diet. The simplest advice for a new kitten owner is to initially stick to the diet that the breeder has been feeding for the first week, and then if you wish to make a change do so GRADUALLY by mixing the new food with the old for another week or so. We would generally recommend feeding a dry, complete kitten food because these have been precisely formulated to meet all your kitten's nutritional needs. You should not add any supplements as this can be harmful, milk may be tolerated by some cats but should be withdrawn if diarrhoea develops.

Kittens should be fed about 3 - 4 times a day and fresh water should always be available. Look on the packet for a guide as to the amount to offer (although this is usually a little excessive) and then adjust the quantity as the kitten grows. It is a myth that a cat will not over-eat. Indeed we are seeing more obese cats than ever so you should aim to keep your cat on the lean side. Dry food is generally thought to be better for the teeth.

We recommend Hillís Science Plan Kitten because itís a complete, balanced food made with high quality ingredients and no unnecessary fillers. When your cat reaches maturity his/her nutritional needs will be different and you will need to move on to an adult food. Hillís Neutered Cat is an excellent choice as it is formulated with controlled mineral levels to maintain urinary health, the right amount of fats and calories to keep your cat fit and trim and high levels of antioxidant vitamins E & C to help protect the kidneys with no excess salt.


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