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Worming your cat is important at Bransgore Vets

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Worming your cat or kitten

It is important to worm your cat/kitten regularly for its optimal health. Kittens become infected with roundworms from the queen's milk and faecal contamination in the environment and tapeworms from ingesting fleas during grooming. Older cats may also contract worms from hunting and eating prey. Our recommended worming strategy for kittens is to worm every 2 weeks from 4 - 12 weeks of age then monthly until 6 months old. Older cats are usually routinely wormed every 3 months with a multi-wormer unless they are prolific hunters in which case they can be treated more often. A breeding queen should be wormed prior to mating then in the last week of pregnancy with Panacur or Milbemax. Thereafter she should be wormed with the kittens. Our standard multi-wormer is Milbemax, which can be used from 6 weeks of age as long as the kitten weighs over 0.5kgs. Another very effective round-wormer is Panacur which comes as palatable granules, paste or liquid for convenience.

Profender Spot-on is a multi-wormer absorbed through your catís skin and can be used from 8 weeks of age as long as the kitten weighs over 0.5kg. This is a great product if you find giving tablets difficult Ė or in some cases impossible!

Droncit injection can be given to treat tapeworms in cats, please ask for further information.


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