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Bransgore Vets - Facilities

We are situated opposite the Boots Pharmacy with ample parking facilities next door to Twin Oaks Medical Centre.

In the reception area we have weighing scales for dogs; these may be used by clients any time we are open to keep an eye on your dog's weight. Please let us record this for you on your pet's record.

There is a comfortable and welcoming reception area for you and your pets. We have a small selection of dog and cat diets, however, there are many high quality diets available, so please let us know if you wish to order a specific diet for your pet. Orders are generally with us within 24hrs.

Our spacious consulting rooms provide a calm environment for us to carry out many medical and diagnostic procedures. There are computers for the vets, linked to the main server in reception giving access to all client records as required. We have a Tracer identification microchip implanter and scanner recommended for identification against loss or theft of your pet and compulsory for animals taking part in the Pet Travel Scheme and all dogs over 8 weeks of age from April 2016. As an Official Veterinarian, Tara Zilic can guide you through all the requirements of the Pet Travel Scheme and issue Pet Passports. For more information call the PETS Helpline 0870 241 1710 (Monday to Friday 08.30 to 1700) or go on-line here

In-house laboratory for swifter results:

  • Urine testing including microscopy
  • Blood glucose testing
  • Blood urea analysis
  • Blood protein and anaemia testing
  • Skin scrape microscopy

  • Above - yeast cells identified in a canine ear canal.

    A quick and efficient external laboratory service is also in place for more extensive and specialised testing procedures.

    Below: identification of a fish hook trapped in a dog's stomach.


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